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Do you no longer want to go through traditional estate agent routes to sell your property fast? Look no further than our company that buys houses – Wecanbuyanyproperty. We’re a national home-buying company who purchase properties across the country. Our house selling approach is fresh and ideal for those who are finding it hard to sell their property and just want a quick house sale.

We buy houses for cash! Whatever your reason for needing a quick and sure sale, sell your house fast for cash at Wecanbuyanyproperty. Just fill in our online enquiry form to get the process started and then sit back and wait to receive your cash offer. There are, of course, no fees and no obligation to move forward with the sale after the initial offer has been made.


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Enter your postcode and address, we will come back to you with valuation and if you’re happy with price, we will complete the sale process in 7 days.

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Relax and enjoy the quick and easy sale of your house. Get your money in a matter or weeks compared to the months you would need to wait with estate agents

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Keeping you safe during COVID-19 and lockdowns.

COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives in ways we could not have imagined, and for those hoping to sell a property, it has caused even more hassle. As you may be worried about having viewings at your property, as well as the number of people entering your home, we are here to help you feel at ease. Some suggestions to help your situation are:

No viewings

Unlike estate agents who would need to send dozens of people into your home for viewings, we only send a few professionals, who are under very strict social distancing guidelines, to complete the survey and valuation process. Everything else is done over the phone and through email.

we buy any home
Cash Advance

When we visit to exchange contracts, we’ll give you a cash advance on your property and agree on a completion date. This way, you get some money straight away, as well as being able to stay in your home until you’re ready to complete and move out. When the completion date comes, you will get the remaining amount of money.

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License to Occupy

Like the cash advance, when we complete the purchase of your property, we’ll pay you almost the entire amount agreed. Then, you will sign an agreement that allows you to live rent-free within the property until an agreed period of time. After you move out, we will pay you the rest of the money.

we buy houses for cash
Quick, Guaranteed Sale

We buy properties using our own funds and can progress to completion in as little as 7 days if you wanted. This way, you can beat the rush of new properties coming into the market that were held back by the current circumstances.If you’re looking for a quick, safe sale from a buyer willing to pay upfront, as well as let you stay in your property rent-free, speak with one of our team today.

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We buy houses for cash!

sell my house fast for cash

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